Can Microgreens Grow Into Plants?

Microgreens are micro versions of full-size plants and are often harvested in a very short time. In most cases, you will have perfect and nutritious microgreens after 12 to 14 days. If you’re new to the microgreen universe, I’m sure you’ve asked this question.

Can microgreens grow into plants? Your microgreens will grow into full plants if you grow them outdoors with sufficient space between the seeds. Microgreens use normal seeds so there is no reason to stop them from becoming a full-size plant. However, when using a tray, you sow seeds way too close and give them very little soil. This might stop your microgreens from growing into a full plant for several reasons.

So are microgreens just baby plants? Yes, that’s pretty much there is to it. Microgreens are meant to be harvested right after the first cotyledons show up. If you let them grow, they are not microgreens. Microgreens are not meant to be grown further that stage so I’m not sure why anyone would want to turn them into plants.

How To Grow Microgreens Into Plants?

Well, there is no big secret method here.

What you’re asking here is just gardening. Instead of using a microgreen tray, you can plant these seeds in your garden where there is a lot of soil and enough space to enable the growth of a full plant. Just like how you’d plant a normal plant.

Give them enough water and make sure they get all the right nutrients at the right time to get the best results.

Can You Convert A Microgreen Into A Plant?

Before we answer this question, let’s look at how microgreens are planted. 

  • You plant a lot of seeds closely together
  • Microgreen trays come with a limited amount of soil
  • You can only use the right amount of water and not a drop more

Following these steps can yield you a nice batch of microgreens that are healthy and tasty. 

Now, you’re saying that you want to convert these microgreens into full-size plants (why?).

One way to do it is by completely moving the entire base to your garden. Make sure that the soil is intact and you don’t lose any in the process. 

Once everything is right, your microgreens have the opportunity to grow into plants.


Can Microgreens Grow Into Plants?

Probably not.

If you know how microgreens grow, you are more likely to answer this question yourself.

Microgreens are not given a lot of soil for their roots to grow. For a plant that you will be harvesting in 10 to 14 days, that is more than enough. 

When you water your microgreens and give them all the essential nutrients, hundreds of roots emerge (depends on the number of seeds sowed) and they find their way into the soil.

Due to the lack of soil, the roots get intertwined and it can get nasty if you take a look at it. 

This setup is perfectly fine for microgreens. You’re going to cut them a little above the soil for harvest and nothing is going to regrow from the roots that are just leftover waste.

Another reason why you don’t need a lot of soil for microgreens is that seeds can support the growth of the plants at a very young stage. They can give all the nutrients necessary.

We only use soil because we are used to it from our days of gardening. They are also soil-less mediums for growing microgreens that prove the same thing.

But to have a fully grown plant, you are going to need a lot of soil. Though you can transfer the contents of your microgreen tray into your garden, then tangled roots are not gonna free them and this will affect its growth.

Will Microgreens Die Before Growing Into Full Plants?

Microgreens are stressed a lot as they completely depend on the seeds for their nutrients and have very little external nutrients sources. Remember that each shoot you get is a plant and they are competing with hundreds of other plants for nutrients.

Plants have stress all the time. But we are talking about microgreens here and when you increase that stress level, you’re not going to get anything good out of it.

When you harvest microgreens, you continue to put a tremendous amount of stress on the plant. This is only of the main reasons why microgreens don’t regrow after harvest.

There are ways to regrow microgreens. It is done by leaving the stem and one of the leaves on the plant. This method will only work in the microgreen tray and will give you stunted plants that have inferior nutrients when compared to the first batch.

Once you try to move these regrown microgreens to your garden or continue to grow them in your tray, the results are not going to be great and they might end up dying, thanks to the amount of stress they’ve undergone.

Wrapping Up

Growing microgreens into full-size plants don’t serve any purpose.

Microgreens are meant to be consumed as young plants and they can bring you nutrients many folds compared to what you get from their mature counterparts.

If you want to grow microgreens into full plants, then you might want to ditch the tray and plant them in your garden which kinda removes the microgreen aspect and becomes traditional gardening.

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